Tender Greens * Culver City

Tender Greens produces their own produce, so to say their greens are tender and fresh is an understatement. They try to be local with the food although they themselves have become a 4 place regional chain from LA to San Diego. But why quibble when you can just go ahead and have a good nibble at a reasonable price with good service in relaxed comfortable surroundings.

The Food: Menu
Good to Gets:  Salads, Comfort Soups and Desserts.

Features: Takeout. Delivery. Credit Cards. Organic. Counter Service. Outdoor Dining.

When To Go:  Lunch Dinner  Hours Good to Knows

Where To Go: Central Culver City
Getting There:  Map Directions

Tender Greens
9523 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, CA‎
310 842-8300‎

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