Pann's Restaurant * Los Angeles

Pann's Restaurant is a Diner-Coffee Shop with the booths, counter and 50's decor you would expect from this 1958 gem. Has great exterior and interior and manages to also be noteworthy for its food and friendly service. You'll feel good walking in and out of this place.

The Food: Diner Coffee Shop Comfort Food Menu
Good to Gets: Breakfast. Chicken and Waffles. Dreamburger. Root Beer Floats. Pea Soup.

Praise: Will Owen - Let us not be forgetting Pann's, whose pea soup has comforted the dickens out of me, repeatedly. All their other stuff, too
mrshankly - Pea soup - had it last weekend (for the second time) and my only disappointment with it was that I didn't order a paint bucket's worth of it :) I could sit there and spoon that soup for an entire meal. What a comfort food their pea soup is followed by some of their hot wings
Jeetjet - Best Fried chicken (wings or meal) - we have a duty to keep a place open that has the best fried chicken in town - if Pann's should shut then we have only second best fried chicken

Good To Knows: Credit Cards. Outdoor Dining. Takeout. Parking Lot. Kid and Wheelchair Friendly. Blue Plate Specials. Great Sign and Googie Architecture. Appears in Movies.

When To Go: Breakfast Lunch Dinner. Late Night. Hours

Where To Go: Inglewood/LA Airport
Getting There: Map Directions

Pann's Restaurant
6710 La Tijera Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2090
(323) 776-3770

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