Nick's Coffee Shop Deli * Los Angeles

Nick's Coffee Shop Deli is a popular small 1945 era diner coffee shop with a big menu. They offer a wide range of Breakfasts Hamburgers Sandwiches Melts(11) and Salads(15).  They should add Good between Nick's and Coffee. My problem with them is there are just too many choices. I hate it when I have over 200 choices to read through! My brain locks up. I feel sorry for the cooks.

The Food: Coffee Shop Deli Hamburgers Comfort Food Menu
Good to Gets:  They have good coffee and refills. Eggs. French Toast. Club Sandwich. Sloppy Joe. Pancakes. Melt. Hamburgers.

Good To Knows: Credit cards. Takeout. Outdoor Dining. Kid and Wheelchair Friendly. Street Parking.

When To Go: Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner Mon-Fri 6am-10pm Sat 6am-3pm Sun 7:30am-3pm

Where To Go: West LA/Pico-Robertson
Getting There: Map Directions

Nick's Coffee Shop Deli
8536 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035-2410
(310) 652-3567

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kevin recommends...bfoster1970 : been a favorite for breakfast for years

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