Moffett's Chicken Pie Shoppe * Arcadia

Moffett's Chicken Pie Shoppe is a friendly family run good home cooking comfort food for not much money kind of place.

The Food: Comfort Food - Chicken & Beef Pot Pies. Fruit Pies. Menu
Frugal Good to Gets: Soups. Chicken Pot Pie either mixed white/dark meat or White Meat only, Beef Pot Pie, & Fruit Pies, Must try the peach, pumpkin, and berry, Eat there or takeout (Also, uncooked beef or chicken pies to-go -- freeze and bake later) - Thanks Jeetjet

Features: Chicken Pot Pie. Good deal meal specials.  Takeout

When To Go: Lunch Dinner

Where To Go: Southwest Arcadia
Getting There: Map Directions

Moffett's Chicken Pie Shoppe
1409 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, Ca.
(626) 447-4670‎

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